I had to make a post about this. Earlier today, I was looking through the stats for Night Tracks, and I happened upon the search terms people had used to end up here. A few caught my eye.
  • Bhava Immerse Mediafire
  • Bhava Mediafire
  • Venture Heart Strings Rapidshare
LOL. In case you haven't been following, both of Night Tracks releases are Pay-What-You-Like downloads. That means if you like, you can pay absolutely nothing. You don't need to try and search for pirated downloads if you really, really don't want to pay. So for all those people who want to listen to some sweet, sweet, night-time music, check out Night Tracks' Bandcamp page.

(NT001) Bhava - Immerse/Irradiate

(NTLP001) Venture - Heart Strings