Night Tracks 014: Heavyweight 003

New mix in the "Heavyweight" series, aiming to bring serious pressure and incredibly deep sub. Check it out, this one contains tracks from Lysergene, Coleco, Compa, BadKlaat, Fused Forces, DJ Cable, Phrex, Sabre, Killa, Instinct, Biome, Specters, Grooki, Forensics, Thelem, Triggy, Krood and Krytikal! Sit back, turn up the sub and take it in!

Lysergene - Dasht-e Kavir (Dub)
Coleco - Thinner (Skybrid Audio)
Badklaat - Poultry Geist (Dub)
Fused Forces & DJ Cable - Yoshimitsu (Triangulum Recordings)
Phrex - Sunk (Dub)
Sabre - One Hundred Teeth (Killa & Instinct Remix) (Dub)
Biome - Pum Pum (Dub)
Specters - War Never Changes (Dub)
Forensics - Midnight Sky (Grooki Remix) (Eight:FX)
Thelem - Machine City (Dub)
Compa - Dreams (Inna Riddim)
Skream - Filth (Triggy Remix) (Dub)
Biome - The Planets (Sub Pressure)
Specters - Died Long Ago (Dub)
Krood - Jasmine Trip (Sub Lab)
Krytikal - Encounters (Dub)