Listen to Night Tracks Guest Mix

Big ups all.

You can download the audio from Brasco's Subsessions show last night, that featured the Night Tracks Guest Mix by clicking here.

 I definitely recommend listening in on his shows, always bringing the high quality tracks, and it's a great show if you want to hear fresh tunes rather than just the 'old' stuff you hear everywhere else. You can check it out here or listen live on Noisemonster.fm on Mondays between 19:00-21:00. Should hopefully have another Night Tracks mix on sometime soon, so keep an eye out.

Last but not least, want to give a shout to DJ Wanka! You can hear some exclusive dubs at the end of Brasco's show and they are BIG! Good luck at the Dubstep Music Awards! In the words of Brasco "He's credible.... He's Incredible"

Full Tracklist
Tes la Rok - Earth
Kode 9 ft Massice Music - Find my Way
Killawatt - Slow Motion
Thelem - Machine City
Vex'd - Pop Pop
Distance - Night Vision
Sleeper - The 2nd Step
Killawatt - Shakuhachi
Compa - Cyberolla
Skream - Wobble that Gut (Widowmaker Booty)
Pressa - Orbs
Eysa - Shus Death
J:Kenzo - Stomp
Icicle - Galacticstep
Thelem & Delta Labs - Constrained
Pistonsbeneath - Cylindrical Sea
Killawatt - A New Direction
Shredexx - Decept
Pistonsbeneath - Resonate
Subreachers - Left Hand Path
RDG - Montom Dust
----Night Tracks Guest Mix----
Krytikal - Anunnaki Sound (Dub)
Excision - Subsonic (Ghostek Remix) (Dub)
Roof Light - Two Cities (Prolific Recordings)
Klatu - Witchdoctor (Dual Signal Records)
Ollie Macfarlane - Torment (Dub)
Burial - Shutta (Hyperdub)
Daikon - Peekaboo (Dual Signal Records)
Bhava - Immerse (Dub)
Speedy J - Tesla (NovaMute)
Burial - South London Boroughs (Hyperdub)
Zomby - Natalia's Song (4AD)
D'Cruze - Heaven (Suburban Base)
Clubroot - Rise To Surge (Lo-Dubs)
Jack Sparrow - The Chase VIP
Pressa - Concussed
Icicle - Anything
HAACK - Black Heart
Kryptic Minds - Arcane
Luke Envoy - M.U.G.E.N
Hatcha & Lost - Al Barsha
Truth - Indigo Mood
Dj Wanka - Micheal Jackson
Dj Wanka - Phil Collins Dub
Dj Wanka - In Da Hauz
Thelem - Illusions