Few Forthcoming Releases

A quick heads up on a few releases that should be coming soon.

Hackman - Close EP

Hackman - Close (Greco Roman)

Heard the above tune some time ago on DSF, when it was (tongue-in-cheek) labelled as Hackman - Just Want Your Clothes, because of the "I just want you close" sample. This is a strong contender for my favourite track of the year, would definitely recommend it on the strength of the title track alone, but the other 2 aren't just filler either. The artwork just typifies Hackman. It was a bag on sight for me, and it should be for you too.

Horsepower Productions - The Lost Tapes EP

Horsepower Productions - What We Do (Remix) (Tempa)

No samples of the tracks on this release yet, but there are samples up on Redeye worth checking out. These are a collection of unreleased tracks from back in the day, including the original mix of "What We Do" so naturally, get your grubby paws on this as quickly as possible. Swinging 2-step/Proto-Dubstep at its best, come back to remind everyone that there was a groovy time before brostep.

Biome - Space

Biome - Space (Black Box)

People would have to be kidding themselves if they don't think Biome is going to be huge. I've been waiting for this track to drop for some time now, and Black Box has to be the natural home for it. Really powerful show of the fundamentals of dubstep, sub creating serious pressure and plenty of space to skank to. Grab it soon as part of the BLKBXXX series.

Radiohead - Give Up The Ghost (Thriller Remix) / Codex (Illum Sphere Remix) / Little By Little (Shed Remix)

Radiohead - Little By Little (XL Recordings)

No audio available of this yet, so I've just banged the original Little By Little in there from the King Of Limbs album. This is the 4th in the series of the Radiohead remix releases on Ticker Tape Ltd. and I'm really anticipating the Shed remix. Can't really think how he's going to work this one, but you know it's going to be impressive. These releases have been flying off the shelves, so get in there quick.