Various Artists - Endless Plains Compilation

Check it. Purveyors of dark, dank and dusty ambient and garage Endless Plains Records, curated by Sangam and RHH have dropped a monster 26 tune compilation featuring tunes from many of Night Tracks' most favoured breddas...

Compiling pure murk from producers already associated with Endless Plains and some newcomers, they've aimed to capture the sound of the city at night, and succeeded in a big way. Obviously Night Tracks can get behind that.

Have to praise them on their selection. Not only do we have cuts from the label heads themselves, they snagged the familiar names of AtsuBox, Ghost Ark, Bruised Skies and Smaug, amongst the names of up-and-comers such as Lyeform, Phaeo, Alpenglow, and the phenomenally underrated German duo, A Wooden Heart. Woi, there's even a very rare outing for Night Tracks' Budeaux in there too.

You can grab it now from the Endless Plains Records bandcamp page. Highly recommended.