Della - Young Kid (Life Force Sound)

Ever since we spoke to Life Force Sound's head honcho Lyeform back in February, we've been looking forward to the release of Della's Young Kid EP. Well it's finally here...

The title track has been getting play time from the likes of Blackdown and others and it's easy to see why. Out-darking even the darkest "130" stuff being produced by the likes of Beneath, Young Kid is a real blend of classic dubstep and UK funky vibes with the eeriest pads this side of a Sunn O))) record (trust me, they work). It's a hard hitting slab of weight that should push Della into the limelight a little more.

It's backed by a couple of fantastic remixes. The first is from fellow LFS crew member, Nomi, who puts out one of the best pieces of straight-up garage I've heard in a while. This remix would fit perfectly with material from back-in-the-day labels such as Locked On, slight speed garage/bassline influences are obvious, but the guitar-sample is a brave move that really makes the remix.

Finally, the release is capped off by an edit from Night Tracks favourites Atsubox, who play on the darkness of the original to make a short-but-effective piece that feels urgent, deadly and precariously stacked, waiting to break down in their inimitable style. A perfect cap to an EP this dark.

You can grab the release from JunoDownload now.