Davwuh vs Burial...

Back in the tail-end of 2011, we spoke to Davwuh about what he had planned for the future. Here's what he said:

"I love doing remixes of tracks just as much as I like making originals and I have an ambitious idea for an album full of remixes that I'm working on next."

Well, it looks like he got round to completing it, because recently he revealed to the world, Davwuh vs Burial, a remix of Burial's self-titled debut album.

Ambitious is a bit of understatement, especially with regards to Burial's status as "untouchable". With one of the most rabid sets of fans, it was always going to be tough to convince people this was a good idea, but my advice is to check it out. While at times you can sense a struggle to refit some of the more awkward tunes (Night Bus, Gutted) and in some cases doesn't stray too far away from the source material, it's admirable that he made this an entire project, not just another soundcloud free download, but something that he's spent over a year on. 

When it comes off, it really comes off, especially on tunes where Davwuh add his own personal touches to the percussion, shifting a kick to an unexpected place perfectly on U Hurt Me or adding shuffle to the hard-hitting Wounder. In my opinion, his greatest feat is on his rework of Southern Comfort, taking away some of the menace and ruff n tuff moodiness of the original and replacing it with a downcast, melancholic soundscape that suits this remix album to a tee, a perfect retrospective on an album that's still making waves today, seven years after its release.

Grab it for free from the Davwuh vs Burial bandcamp page or by clicking here if that's unavailable (Fans maxed out his downloads on Bandcamp!)...