(BB22) Bija - Haida

As has happened on more than a few occasions now, I find myself sending several big ups the way of Broken Bubble for being risk takers, and managing to pick up on the newer artists and convince them to release meticulously crafted gems time after time. 

Broken Bubble's 22nd release comes courtesy of Athens, Georgia's Bīja, whose release, Haida, is one of the more traditional Night Tracks efforts on the label.

Check it out. To me, the vibe I get off this one (probably helped a lot by the stunning artwork by Brombaer) is one of an album that doesn't fit so naturally into the washed-out urban environment, but one that goes further out, sat deeper in the forests. The tracks feel meticulous, but less structured, more loose and organic than the work of his peers, especially tracks like Pacific with Tulpa, and closing piece Mystic. The track marking the half way point of the album, Cerulean, will be a big hit with fans of Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works 85-92.

Ultimately, if you're a fan of at least half of what we put on this blog, then you'll want to grab this album, and keep your eye on Bīja in the near future. 

Grab it on Bandcamp from the 28th. The release also apparently comes with comes with five pieces of hi-res digital art, so big up for that.