Nils Frahm - The Screws (Reworked by Cass)

Nils Frahm is pretty impressive as is, that's a given, and many would suggest you'd be a fool to try and improve his work.

Well, enter Cass. The young German producer from Osnabrück has proved otherwise, with his reworkings of the original, "Re".

Cass takes the stark and raw original, and adds something to it that only he can. He brings the tunes to life, and unlocks hidden dimensions that were invisible in Frahm's work. His "Sunlight Rework" is perfectly named, this is an intricate remake, on the level of more famed musicians such as Four Tet, whilst his "Moonlight Rework" is just perfect. I don't want to suggest Nils Frahm should do anything that he isn't already, but this is what "Re" SHOULD have sounded like.

In fact, every tune should sound like this. The world would be better for it.