Atsubox - Lost In Limbo

Update: The EP release is delayed for 24 hours due to some problems with bandcamp.

Atsubox, the first couple in future garage to allegedly come out of the closet, have self released a right treat to keep you going in between individual releases on Loveless and Prospekt and their forthcoming collaborative work on Modulate.

The "Lost In Limbo" EP, if anything, serves as a great (and cost effective) way to introduce yourself to what they're about. Something I find with Atsuko & Stompbox is that while their peers will try and set the tone and atmosphere of a tune through the pads, they do so more through their drums, rather than being an underlying force, driving the track along, they're strongly integrated into every other element, meaning one wouldn't work as well without the other.

Out to Atsukobox for the obscure Pokemon reference too.


Grab it on their Bandcamp here for just £2. If you aren't willing to fork out that, then you I will lose all respect for you and punch you.