Kelle - Rigid

Man like Night Tracks' very own Kelle sends me tracks in varying states on the regs, and Friday was no different. He sent me a 1:38 loop to listen to at work, and it took me nine seconds to realise I liked it. I listened to it for at least half an hour, so when he messaged me this morning telling me he'd finished it, I listened to it for another half an hour, and then I just listened to it whilst driving back from the cinema. You can probably tell by now that I endorse it. Highly.

Trademark Kelle overlapping vocals are slathered on top of skippy, 2-step drums but it's the rumbling, menacing bass that pushes the moodiness to the maximum. I have a lot of stuff by Kelle, and to say this is probably my favourite so far is high praise. Check it out...