Stompbox - Leaving Your Idol EP

Stompbox is somebody I've been following for a while now, and it's nice to see a label take a punt on him and put out some of his stuff, it's well deserved. Thought I'd just put a recommendation out for his release on Dubporn, called 'Leaving Your Idol'.

Opener 'Belief' is a slow and steady track, that makes for a perfect opener, before the dread of 'Missing' bursts in. This is more the side of Stompbox that I like, the hectic drums give the track a real sense of urgency, almost conveying the feeling that they know something you don't, and setting you on edge. Moving on, 'History' marks the start of the more sorrowful half of the EP, compounded by the apologetic vocals on 'Whsipering' and 'JKB' before the anger of 'F0ma' lashes out at the very end.

It's a schizophrenic EP that's a hard hitter, and a sign that you should probably keep an eye on him in the future.