Night Tracks 038: Sangam Guest Mix

When we interviewed Sangam back in March, he was kind enough to give away a free tune, and his generosity only increases as he dropped a guest mix in my inbox recently.

Fans of Sangam will know his style of murky, late night tunes, with flickering, skeletal drums popping in and out when the need takes them, and this mix is full of them, filled exclusively with self-productions and collaborations that could only really be forged by spending time in the north of the UK.

Anyway, check the mix after the jump or download here...

Sangam - Algific
Sangam - Stygian
Sangam - Long For (Bimbotronic Remix)
Sangam - Way Out
Sangam - Everyday Life
Sangam - Apnea
Sangam - Beside
Jehst & Klashnekoff - Night Breed (Sangam Dusk Bootleg)
Arthur & Sangam - Relent
Sangam - Fervid
Retral & Sangam - Himalayan Smoke
Atsuko & Sangam - I Got U
Sangam - Inadequate Levels
Sangam - Mindstate
Sangam - The Next Stop
Sangam - Under The Trees
Spurv - Atlanta (Sangam 'Smoke Room' Remix)
Sangam & RHH - Friday Echoes