(SH05) Ghost Ark - Hidden Souls Of Another Genre EP

Regular readers will know that I'm quite the fan of Russian label Square Harmony and their next release won't break the trend of solid, dark releases. Next up on the schedule is Ghost Ark, with his 'Hidden Souls Of Another Genre EP'.

The first piece, 'Hidden Souls' is a further sign that Ghost Ark has been taking more straight-up dubstep influences into his work recently, a bass-heavy atmospheric half-stepper that wouldn't have been out of place in 2006.

For me though, the second track, 'Street Corners' renders the first almost insignificant (No offence!), with dark, moody strings and distant ghost-like vocals snatching in and out over persistant 2-stepping drum patterns, that matches the title perfectly. Kind of reminds me of a hyper-atmospheric Pangaea track.

Grab it from Square Harmony's Bandcamp page on March 26th.