NT002 - Apple Bottom - Forget It - Interview and Guest Mix

So, as you may be aware, Night Tracks 3rd release, "Forget It" by Apple Bottom is available from the Night Tracks store now, and he's put together a mix to celebrate. I also asked him a few questions, so check them out below and check the mix at the end.

NT: Hey man, can we get an introduction?
AB: Hey I'm Apple Bottom, I've been making tunes for about 2 years using logic pro and a midi keyboard. Music is a huge part of my life. I am constantly listening to music and pretty much all of my spare time is spent writing songs.

NT: How long have you been producing tunes, and what sort of style do you produce?
AB: Like I said I've been producing for about 2 years. I'm not sure what you call my music, I'd rather leave it up to the listener. I guess it must fit in around that "post-dubstep" "UK-Bass" kind of area, or so I've been told, but essentially the music I make is like the stuff I would want to hear, if that makes sense so its more a sound that is pleasing to me rather than fitting it into one particular genre when I start writing it. I think of my music as being both dancing music and music for just chilling but it depends on when and where you play it.

NT: Can you tell us a little about the tracks you're releasing on Night Tracks, "Forget It" and "Ur Touch"?
AB: "Forget it" and "Ur touch" are both relatively recent tracks and follow along with style I write with at the moment, but they are both quite different from each other in terms of mood and atmosphere. "Forget It" is a more clunky spaced out song with a bit of garage influence thrown in. I wanted "Forget It" to have a series of chilled melodies and beats but still, when it comes to the drop, get people dancing or nodding their heads because thats the sort of thing I like in a song, where it has that rhythm and feel that can get people dancing or just noticing the groove. "Ur Touch" is pretty different in terms of mood, its darker, more club orientated I guess in its rhythm and structure. It's a very simple song, I'd say it has about 5 components at the most, but in a way I find that in most dance songs less is better other wise you get to wrapped up in fancy programming and forget about the main part of the song: the beat and how that makes a dance-floor move.

NT: Where do you take influence for your productions from?
AB: My influences come from a lot of stuff, from jazz to chicago footwork and from Lagos Roots to current UK Bass and House music, so I guess there is a bit of everything in my music. But if I had to say the artists that influence me most it would probably be a lot of the Hotflush guys and also the Night Slugs crew, not to mention people like Ramadanman/Pearson Sound, French Fries, Hudson Mohawk, Rustie, Blawan and the Hessle Audio lot, all of whom I've been listening to from before I ever thought of producing music.

NT: Aside from your release on Night Tracks, do you have any other releases planned?
AB: Right now I'm not sure. I've had a lot of people asking but I'm not sure exactly which label im going to release anything on, but hopefully there will be more very soon.

NT: Finally, if you had to pick your 3 favourite "Night Tracks", what would they be?
AB: 1. Bhava - Irridate
2. Eplp - SkyLit Pines
3. Budeaux - Big Suburban Life

NT: Thanks dude, and big up on an amazing release! Again, bag the release here, and check out his mix below (Download here)