New mix from Silens

Silens got in touch with over at Dubstep Forum, and sent me the latest mix he's put together. Definitely one to check out, with a solid tracklist that's perfect for Night Tracks. Read a little about him, and give his mix a listen.

"My name is Kevin, almost 20 years old and I live in a small town near Rotterdam, Netherlands.
About 2 years ago I started practising mixing, but this was mostly just for fun when I was with friends, but fpr a couple of months now I've been taking it more seriously and started uploading some of my mixes to soundcloud under my moniker 'Silens' and I've been getting nothing but positive feedback on them. But still nothing that serious though, wouldn't call myself a DJ of course.

For the mix I had one main goal and that was to really create a certain flow, I basically wanted it to sound as one 30 min long tune.
I actually found this quite challenging to be honest, especially during the process of getting the tracklist together. This was mainly due to the fact that I simply wasn't used to mixing with this style of music yet, because so far I've mostly been focussing on the deeper, minimal side of Dubstep, but also because I really had to force myself to focus more on the overall sound of the mix rather than on any technical aspects of mixing. Which led to me having to break some of my habits.
I never like to mix two tunes by the same artist together for instance, because I feel that that isn't really challenging most of the time. But for this mix I did because it just sounded right, and that was the most important thing to me. I also don't think that I've beatmatched any of these tunes actually...
So I basically had to alter my usual way of mixing in order to make it sound right, which was challenging, but also turned out to be loads of fun."

Out to Kevin for the top mix. If you haven't got time to listen now, download it and take it with you.