Interview with Sub Radar/Baron Rogue & Night Tracks 029: Guest Mix

Today we've got Mike aka Baron Rogue from Sub Radar (the guy who made me decide to start this blog in the first place!) to drop his own take on Night Tracks with a sublime mix that I think is best suited to the early hours. He tells us a little more about himself here...

NT: Hey man, can we get an introduction?
SR: Hi! I'm a 23 year old South African living in Los Angeles. I eat more avocados than most people you know. I sleep with a fan on. 

NT: Can you tell us a little about your site, Sub Radar? What made you start it? If the site has a focus on one area, what would you say it is?
The focus of Sub Radar is to share my impeccable taste in music with as many people as possible. Well, sort of. It started off as a cloud network for me to store things that I liked. As more people started to read and share the site, it kind of grew into a playful soap box where I just tell people what they should be listening to, even if they hate it. Especially if they hate it. I never limit myself, but I tend to be picky about what I post, sort of chilling in a grey area of being current but not spammy.

NT: Can you give us a few words on your selection for the mix? Where do you get your musical influences from?
SR: Above all, I like artists that can make weird noises sound good and catchy, on both sides of the minimal/complex spectrum. Aside from that, I love any and all types of music, especially in different languages. Bass, bass and more bass is always a good thing as well. There is so much good music out there that I can find something to fit every one of my moods. As far as this mix goes, I tried to dig out tunes that fit in the middle of the Venn diagram of being both Night Tracks and Sub Radar. Being a huge NT and NSC fan, there was no shortage of tunes to choose from.

NT: Aside from blogging and your mix series, do you have any other involvement in music?
SR: I live and breathe it. I work in film and TV audio production and postproduction, so literally every second of my day is filled with sound. I think that's why I need that fan noise to go to sleep at night, silence weirds me out. I also produce (terribly), but that's a very limited aspect of my involvement with sound and music.

NT: Finally, if you had to pick your three favourite Night Tracks, what would they be?
1. Pretty much everything that you feature. Since the first post it's been my go-to for that deep vibe night-time chillout music.

2. Also, everything by The Weeknd. The guy could sing about vomit and it would still be sexy.

3. "Dig" by Mudvayne, the ultimate relaxation song.

NT: Thanks for your time dude! Check out his mix below, or download it here.

Dobroide - Night Forest 02
Helios - Sons of Light and Darkness
Swarms - Flikr of Ur Eyes
The XX - Night Time (Synkro Remix)
Delete - Promise Me
Sorrow - Through the Night (Stumbleine Remix)
Rain Dog - One To Love
Tycho - Hours
Balam Acab - Apart
Clams Casino - Numb [Instrumental]
Helios - Bless This Morning Year
The XX - Open Eyes [Demo]