Interview with Graciellita & Free Download

Today we've got an interview with Graciellita, somebody who makes interesting and most importantly unique music. She's kindly included a tune that you can grab for free, called "Rhetorical Questions", a track that definitely suits Night Tracks, and one that will defo unsettle you, probably best for you to check it out! Grab it by clicking on the artwork below (or click here) and read on...

NT: Hey, can you give everyone an introduction to Graciellita?
I'm graciella, alias Graciellita, pretty straight forward I guess, you know it's still me just sorta givin' myself that free flow to dig deeper into the creative side of the mind and spend most time on my musical playground.

NT: What's the process behind making one of your tunes. Where do you start? How long have you been making music?
The process of makin' a tune for me can actually happen all at different times, and once I sit down I put the pieces together to allow for an audible expression. Inspiration is an amalgamation of the many scattered thoughts and energies that surround me or are within me, feelings of all sorts, especially that of inner despair/cryout and confusion.

Graciellita - To Happy Tree

NT: Do you feel it's important for music to have a sense of emotion, time or place linked to it? What are you influenced by, musically or otherwise?
G: I couldn't say this a few years back, but I understand now that makin' music, for me, is healin' and freedom, I'm always off on a journey of an intensity that can only be rendered through sounds and lyrical metaphors.

NT: What are your plans for your music? Have you had any releases previously, and have you got any planned for the future?
G: I've released on labels most of my recent work, EP's like 'Quest' and ' 'Tropus', upcomin' 'Loner' and
more albums to be announced in the near future.

Graciellita - Quiet Unconditional

NT: Can you tell us a little about the track you're kindly giving away?
G: Rhetoric brain-stirrin' is just another conveyance of exactly that feelin' of mental turmoil and constant thoughts and questions stirrin' around in the brain that never seem to leave you or provide an answer. Everything is the product of powerful overbearin' feelings, the emotional overload.

NT: Finally, if you had to pick your three favourite "Night Tracks", what would they be?
G: Fave night tracks :D tough one:
HGLDT - Knowing You
eplp - Hurt
Burial, Four Tet & Thom Yorke - Mirror
Sweetheart Of Kairi - Approaching Farewell
Ollie Macfarlane - Torment...

Much luv to night tracks and its brilliant creator ;p (NT: I must stress that I didn't make this up, she definitely wrote it. I swear.)

NT: Thanks very much for your time, and double thanks for the quality tune! If you missed the link for the download, here it is again!