A Recommendation: Substep Infrabass - Monotonium (Remixes)

I got sent a promo pack for this release, so thought I'd check it out. Glad I did. The original release by Substep Infrabass came out 3 years ago, and he thought it was time to inject a bit of new life, so contacted Crises, m3t4, Egoless, Be-1ne, King Slaff and Vishnu and got them to put their own spin on it.

If you've heard any of Be-1ne's stuff before, you know to expect bass, space and pace. His take brings his room filling bass, and perfectly crafted drums with a snare so vicious, it gave me whiplash. I'm currently filing an insurance claim against him, will let you know how it goes. Check it out below:


From the press release: "Once crafted together, these remixes form an amazing EP, a forty minutes journey into the universe of “Monotonium”, a journey about halfstep bass music, dub and ambient . Be-1ne and Crisis open with dubstep beats, keeping it deep and warm in a proper Uk style. Egoless follows with stomping dub vibes from the East while m3t4 takes you literally deeper into experimental drum and bass. Down there you will listen to the sound of King Slaff for a singular and refreshing moment of ambient music. Vishnu waits for you at the surface to close the events with a dubstep prototype; allying mutant bass drones and with concrete sounds."

In summary, the release is big, and you can get it next week, FOR FREE, from F4t Music's bandcamp site here. Bo!