Night Tracks Of The Year - Numbers 30-21...

So, no doubt you've clocked numbers 50-41, and then 40-31, and you've probably guessed what comes next. That's right, it's numbers 30-21 (cue fireworks)...

30. Dub Phizix & Skeptical feat. Strategy - Marka (from Marka (Exit))

Occasionally a tune comes out that unites EVERYBODY in a scene, and this is one of those tunes. Overnight it appeared on facebook walls, blogs and forums. This is fast Skeng, and anything Skeng-like is worthy of an end of year list. Sick video too. (Buy here)

29. EPLP - Hurt (from Too Much Hope EP (Self Released))

There's not many people who get vocals down as well as Bristol's EPLP, and quite frankly, there's nobody better than him at getting just the right amount of bleeps and bloops. This track is a perfect demonstration of both those skills, not to mention those synths. Quality. (Buy here)

28. Jason Burns - Die 4 U (from See Thru U EP (Brap Dem! Recordings))

Skippy, chopped up and pitched down vocals, stabs and synths, bouncy bass. This might be labelled future garage, but it's as good as anything that came out 1998-2001. (Buy here)

 26. DjRum - Mountains Pt. 1 (from Mountains EP (2nd Drop))

One thing I really like about DJ Rum (or DjRum as he went by for this release) is that his work occupiesa strange space between garage, dubstep and dub techno. I couldn't tell you what this is, so sorry genre heads. But I can tell you one thing for sure, this is an absolute roller that keeps going and going and going, but not for a second do you want to stop listening. (Buy here)

25. Jichael Mackson - Gedons (from Bob's Your Uncle EP (Stock5))

Clocking in at almost 15 minutes, you probably won't find a longer track in this years list, although it's debatable whether you could really call this one track at all (skip to 2:30 and listen, then skip to 11:00 and listen. Still think it's the same track?). It is though, most certifiably, a techno/house epic, and on the strength of those dream-like pads up to 4 minutes in, it finds itself marking the halfway point of this year's top 50. (Buy here, I guess)

24. Synkro & Indigo - Guidance (from Guidance (Exit))

Synkro is one of the, if not THE, most versatile producers in underground music today, but he's no jack of all trades. He seems to be able to master anything he turns his hand to, and when he's making stuff with Indigo, it gets even better. Although his releases later in the year were on a more techno edge, it's this straight up beautiful piece from earlier in the year that takes number 24. (Buy here)

23. The Weeknd - What You Need (from House Of Balloons (Self Released))

I guess in a way, The Weeknd is a lot like The xx. I can't think of anybody else that has been able to convey such a mood as effectively since the 2010 Mercury Prize winners. Every track on the album House Of Balloons was aimed without fail at the night, and 'What You Need' was the stand out track that was delivered perfectly. (Buy here)

22. Essáy - Distance & Lights (from Distance & Lights (Cut))

Essáy just understands how to put across vibe. This Bloc Party sampling piece of ambient-ish dub techno represents his sound perfectly, and the production on it is perfect. A track with raw edges always sounds better than over-produced slickness. One of those tracks that shows that holding back can be more powerful than including every sound under the sun. (Buy here)

21. Ghostek - Night & Low Light (from Lost Tapes EP(Square Harmony))

I've got to admit. I was getting worried about Ghostek. I was beginning to think his many productions that flitter in and out of soundcloud might never see a release, but this year, there was an abundance, the first being his Lost Tapes EP. "Night & Low Light" had been around for some time, but I was still excited to hear this in full. Simply put, Ghostek has dominion over all drums, and they bend to his will. It's got to be the only explanation of how he creates those loops. (Buy here)