Solace Records

There's a new label in town, and it's definitely one to get excited about. Solace Records is the brainchild of Jamie Stowell (Forge) & Tom Bond (Solitude). It's been in the planning phase since late 2010, and only recently has become a reality.

You may have heard of the fathers behind Solace before. Solitude is well known for his 'Ambient Dubstep' mix series that get serious plays and downloads, and Forge as the head of Silk Recordings. If you have heard any of Solitude's sets, or any of the stuff released on Silk, then you may have some idea what to expect as they are combining their knowledge and building on a concept of keeping to their own musical tastes and roots.

Clubroot - Scars (Solace001)

I'm really excited about this label. After hearing their first planned release (by Clubroot, one of my favourite producers, nonetheless), I then saw some of the artists they have on their release schedule. Aside from Clubroot, they have eleven8, Phaeleh and The Hybridz lined up. Something that also caught my eye was that they say they have a massive focus within the label to bring the more underground and upcoming artists through. Keep an eye out for the limited vinyl releases, and if you're not a vinyl fan, make sure to search for the 'few high quality sites' where you can bag the downloads.

Clubroot - Hellion (Solace001)

There will be more from the Solace crew on Night Tracks in the near future, so keep checking back.

Finally, all demos can be sent to solace@katipoaudio.com or their dropbox on their soundcloud page.