Another Recommendation: Volor Flex - Tramp

Out to Taavi for putting me onto this one. This is an album that comes out tomorrow (November 30th) on Dark Clover Records and the album is called Tramp by Volor Flex. Now, if you're a fan of Burial, you might think that this is maybe a little bit too much like Burial (points to those who can guess the track that sounds a lot like 'Prayer' and the track that sounds like a mash up of 'Wounder' and 'Pirates'), but also, if you're a fan of Burial, you should love this album.

It really is great stuff, very well produced too. Perfect night time listening, I'm definitely going to be grabbing it. Looks past the fact that it sounds quite like Burial. Perhaps we should start seeing this a style of music, there's certainly enough intricacies in the music for it not to become stale.

Check out the audio below: