Soundcloud Round Up

Back with a round up of the best that Soundcloud has to offer. It's a biggie, so check it out after the 'read more'...

Archive - Lights (Recess Remix)
This one, a remix of the Archive track 'Lights' by the Australian producer Recess! on a kind of chilled, Clams Casino vibe.

You can always expect big things from Ghostek, and here he teams up with Buck UK to produce another top slice of 'ghost garridge'. Free download too.

Kogyo - Delirium
A live recording of some ambient techno by Kogyo, and amazing producer from Austria. If you like it deep with a huge atmosphere, then you'll love this.
Don't bother reading any of this, just listen to it.

Pále & Vyperod - Treatment
Skittery, atmospheric garage from the 17 year old Manchester producer and Vyperod.

Midland can do no wrong in my opinion, and this is no exception. A great remix of 'You'll See' by Washed Out that will hopefully see a release one way or the other.

Phrex - Physical
A seriously underrated producer, Phrex brings a big track 'Physical' to the board. Keep an eye on him!

Deep, seductive anagram-house (I'm kidding) from the production duo Mosket.