A Recommendation: Sully - Carrier

In my humble opinion, Sully is one of the most underrated producers on the scene right now. Toffee Apple, as well as looking cool, absolutely smashes it, and his Phonebox EP is really something to check out. He's released his first LP on Blackdown's ever quality label Keysound Recordings, who to my knowledge have never release a full LP on vinyl, so for them to take this step, you know it's got to be good. I've just bought it now, can't wait for it to arrive. Track 2 on the LP is "2 Hearts" which, if you hang around near any grape vines, you may have heard was originally planned for the clearly-never-coming-out DJ Kicks mix by Burial.

A personal fave at the moment is possibly the opener, "It's Your Love", where Sully out El-B's El-B himself. The second half of the album takes a more juke/footwork inspired angle, and sees the tempo hit 160 on "Trust" before dropping down to "82" on the amazing closing track "Exit". This is an album that I really feel people will be talking about for years, not quite a collection that's going to shake up the world of EDM, but Sully has definitely come along and shown a few people how it's done. BAG ON SIGHT.

Check out some of the tracks below, courtesy of Boomkat: