Night Shift Collective

Check out a new group, the Night Shift Collective on Soundcloud of like-minded producers pushing a 'Night Time' sound.

From the description; "We will be showing you our best tunes along the lines of Future Garage, 2-Step, Ambient and related styles that feature deep, sincere vibes.
If you're trying to find the soundtrack to your night in solitude or just chilling out, look no further.

Out to Inofaith for setting this up! Other members apart from me, Budeaux, are all worth checking out. The list in full is: Sorrow, Klātu, fedbymachines, Mirror State, delete, Great Skies, Roof Light, Birds Of Passage, Shura, Essáy, Venture, Gallery Six, Owsey, Sipp and Infest.

It's a real worldwide thing, with members from The Netherlands, UK, Canada, Germany, Russia, New Zealand, Australia and Japan, so keep an eye on it if you dig that sound.