Zomby - Velodrome

Zomby is a strange character. Anyone on Dubstep Forum will know of his almost legendary hate-filled rants, charging £8 for three unmastered mp3's before his ban, all this without even getting into the threats of violence.

However, he does make some pretty sweet music.I can't say I'm a huge fan of some of his more bleepy stuff (One Foot Ahead Of The Other EP & Zomby EP) with exceptions, Digital Flora is huge, as is Strange Fruit, I just wish he released more music along the lines of Natalia's Song and Test Me For A Reason (so frustratingly short).

Mostly though, I wish he'd release this track.

Zomby - Velodrome (Dub) (Embedding was disabled. It's worth the click. Trust me.)

Everything in this track works perfectly, the false starts, the rising chords. This is deep and dark house at its best. It's got 13,507 views on Youtube at the time of writing, and I think at least 11,500 of those are me playing it over and over.

Will this track ever come out? No, probably not. Will Zomby comment on this post threatening to kill me? Maybe. Should he send me a 320 of this track? Definitely.

I'll retain hope for now, I never thought Natalia's Song would get a release either, but Velodrome backed with, oh, I don't know, Mercury's Rainbow would be one of the releases of the year. He could back it with any one of his many dubs, it's a guaranteed seller.