Soundcloud Round Up

Firstly, big up the Soundcloud crew who keep sending me tracks. Finally you're gonna get some recognition. I'm assuming you've seen the interviews I've done so far, and maybe at some point in the future I'll be interviewing some of these. Anyway, this will just be a weekly round-up of sweet tracks I've found/been sent on Soundcloud. You never know, you might find some new people to follow.

Muroidea - Terra Serenus
Sparse, atmospheric vibes on this track Muroidea from Guildford. It's worth checking out his other works too (click the track title above for a link), he's always got interesting drum work, sort of stuff I've never really heard before.

Aphex Twin - Tha (Stavrogin Remix)
Great remix of a great Aphex Twin track, 'Tha' from Selected Ambient Works 85-92. Really like the underlying organ throughout this track, great transformation. It's worth checking out his radical take on Anti-War Dub too.

SBTRKT - Hide Or Seek (Powder Hill Remix)
Another remix that a producer called Powder Hill from Reading. Great take on the original, adding a real dark house vibe that works really well. Big track.

Lysergene - Bring It
Free download from a Night Tracks favourite, Lysergene, who proves that tear-out doesn't have to be over the top brostep. Weighty tracks, so thanks for the give away!

Nice remix of an already great track by Youandewan. Tomas Rubeck gives the house original a dub techno spin. Another free download!

Summer is over (In the Northern Hemisphere at least), so get used to it, and check the ambient vibes of German producer, Essáy. Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming interview and mix with the man himself.

Great free track from Fedbymachines. So many different takes on the garage sound nowadays, but Fedbymachines from the Netherlands, I always keep my eye on. Check it out.