Omar-S - New Album Announced

Big news. Forget riots for a minute. A new album, It Can Be Done, But Only I Can Do It, by Omar-S will be released on FXHE on August 15th.

Omar-S is massive, and I know a lot of people would disagree with me and say Theo Parrish is, but Omar IS deep house. Don't get me wrong, I think Theo Parrish makes some sick stuff, but Omar-S got me into deep house, and I've found so much more stuff because of that. His stuff cannot be replicated.

Omar-S - Here's Your Trance Now Dance (FXHE)

It doesn't get better than this. There are a lot of house tracks out there with a LONG build-up, which I guess might put a lot of people off when not hearing the track in the context of the mix, but this is a track that grabs me from the get go. This is club music at its finest, real hands-in-the-air stuff. Not fucking "I Gotta Feeling".

Omar-S - The Further You Look, The Less You Will See (FXHE)

 To me, this is representative of an Omar-S trademark. Something that sounds so simple, until you take real time to appreciate it, and see how perfectly all the elements of the track work together.

Omar-S - Sarah (FXHE)

Similar to The Further You Look, The Less You Will See, take some time to really appreciate the subtleties to this track, the slight changes in the synth work. To me, this track has a real raw edge to it.

If you know Omar-S, you know this album is going to be sick. If you don't, get digging, you won't regret it.